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Adapter Dell USB-C to VGA -Dell Adapter USB-C to VGA..New

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Adapter supports USB-C to VGA

Use Dell USB-C to VGA adapter, you can run on a variety of compatible VGA monitor watch with a USB-C to any desktop or notebook computer video output port of the video content. This versatile adapter can be sure you get a high quality viewing experience on any device from the display to the projector.

Display phone content on the big screen

With this adapter, you can access your desktop or laptop video content, and display them on any monitor, projector has VGA input port or HDTV. As long as your device is equipped with USB-C output port, this compact adapter can ensure a seamless transition. With this adapter, you can enjoy through the home movie projectors, extended by mirroring the desktop workstation, or teaching or presentation at work.

Enjoy ultra-clear video

Dell USB-C to VGA adapters provide clear, rich video.

Compact, easy to carry

The plug and play adapter is very compact, portable, making it easy for customers impromptu presentations or to share a movie night with friends. The end of the adapter with a USB-C port and the other end with a 15-pin HDI5 VGA port, a standard VGA-compatible adapters for a variety of monitors, projectors, and HDTV.

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